wow i really like cookies

New York City

Milk and Cookies: so far, my favorite ever - soft, sweet, slightly chewy and very chocolatey. Milk and Cookies also churns out other delectable bakes like their ridiculously chocolatey brownie!
Baked: though this cookie looks great on the outside, I personally found its texture to be a little dry and hard
Levain: world famous and delectable, but not my personal favorite because of its slightly unconventional shape, baking process, and ultimately texture. Also who really goes to Midtown all the time?
Jacques Torres: a king of kings, beautifully chocolatey, crunchy yet fudgy, and actually enormous. JT will always be my man - don’t miss the Mudslide cookie too!
Insomnia: a classic and my go-to on a windy winter’s night - reliably fast, warm, and gooey
Max Brenner: reliably a palace of chocolate, but sadly home to one of the worst chocolate chip cookies I’ve had in NYC - hard and stale, lacking chocolate, and boring
Rubyzaar Baked: a hidden gem only to be found in Williamsburg on weekends - a gorgeous array of carefully crafted cookies, but the winner in my heart was the Classic Rock for its hearty chocolate chunks and tasteful sprinkle of rock salt
Starbucks: not mind-blowing, but pretty fine for a sugar addict’s morning pick-me-up since it is actually ALWAYS there. Alternatively, just down with coffee
Schmackary’s: very sweet, yet very beautiful. Fudgy, soft, and rich but go easy on portions because these cookies will sugar you out fast
Dominique Ansel: not a cookie, but almost - the cookie shot is filled to the brim with warm milk and is marvellous just to look at. Very fun, but not your everyday cookie - esp. w/ DA's consistently long lines
Momofuku Milk Bar: in spite of worldwide acclaim, don’t come here for the cookie - stick to the icecream (if that's what you're into)
La Colombe: gluten free (if that matters), and sort of everywhere around the city. A little crunchier than most - for those who also like their fries crispy
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: really cool, mainly because warm cookies were served to us in a theater as we were watching a movie, but also warm, dense, and fragrant
Balthazar Bakery: chewy, chocolatey and basically pleasant, but not exactly the city’s most memorable cookie
: awesome cookies, well-rounded chewy texture and very chocolatey. unpopular opinion, but go for the cookie and not the dough
By CHLOE: these vegan cookies are larger than the size of an average human head and are sprinkled all over with chocolate, which is awesome, but just a little too crunchy and thin for my liking

Hanover, NH

FoCo (!!): objectively pretty awesome cookies, reminds me a lot of Insomnia but have eaten so many in a week that I almost had to take a FoCo cookie sabbatical once. Basically, dangerous but in a good way
My Brigaderio: these cookies are thick and slightly salty in such a good way. Best cookies in Hanover, which potentially doesn't say too much, but trust me these are phenomenal
The Box Food Truck: cookies with oatmeal sprinkled on top, which surprisingly works very well. Overall, a good purchase and snack but nothing too exciting