Hi! I'm Kristie Chow and I'm a Computer Science major at Dartmouth College. Prior to college, I completed a Web Development crash-course at Dev Bootcamp in New York City, where my excitement for engineering came to life and I learned how to make websites just like this one you are enjoying now. I have so far worked professionally as a developer on four continents and have lived in ten cities, meeting inspiring people all along the way. I am thus intrigued by the potential to reduce both physical and digital space with virtual and augmented reality.

When afk, I enjoy long-distance running, hiking, and eating tropical fruit. I am also eternally searching for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie, and have curated a list of my personal favorites here.

The Mahjouba Project with Eric Van Hove
Tarsier Goggles at the DALI Lab
Special Project Fellowship from the Dickey Center for International Understanding